Website & eshop Development

At Digiastar we craft corporate websites & eshops that sell. Regarding our development services there is a great and important difference among us and the other agencies. We dont imply develop corporate websites and online stores. Thats what almost a professional agency will do. However, at Digiastar we develop marketing-wise websites & eshops.

Our websites’ structure is totally different. We put our marketing know how inside them!

99% of the developing software houses will develop your site through the perspective of the developer. This means that your website will be functionable, aesthetic and up and running.

On our case however, the development, the great aesthetics is just one of the two steps for a full functioned website. Because a website & eshop development should be about crafting an online site that sells services, products, closes deals, collects deals, receive offers via its contact form, receive payments etc.

All the aforementioned functions can be derived from an agency that combines a developing team with a marketing team who share their role equally in the project. This aspect however, is not the main case in a software house full of developers who do not know how to implement marketing tactics and communication touchpoints on a website or an online store.