Search Engine Optimization

For a business to be found online, there is a necessity to be SEO compliant. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that keeps your business presence always online, through search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Although most of the companies own a website, nevertheless, they do not optimise their website with the search engines, which as a result leads their website to rank lower in the Google, Bing or Yahoo pages. As a consequent, they get fewer visitors, fewer possible sales and in reality the website hypofunctions while the managers do not even know about this issue.

At Digiastar online marketing and SEO is what we know and love. Our client’s succeses are our successes too. We keep the expertise and always stay up to date to Google’s new trends and updated.

90% of the people who will search a term in Google, will pick a search result within the first page. Shouldn’t you be there already?

We put effort and detail on on-site optimization while we also develop off-site tactics. Our team of SEO experts focuses on the following procedures for our clients:

+ Keyword Research
+ Competitor’s Analysis
+ Mobile SEO
+ Development & Copywriting
+ Website content & Optimization services
+ Reporting/KPIs