Conversion Optimization & UX

Conversion Optimization & UX is a demanding professional service that Digiastar has expertise at.

Our high end tools enable us to rank your site’s capability to convert visitors to clients.

We conduct A/B tests on your website. For example, you may imagine 10.000 visitors to split to two equal groups of 5.000 each. At this point, the A group watches your website with a green button (buy here) and the B group watches it with red.

Since at Digiastar we believe in the power of numbers, then for some reasons the green or the red button testing indicates us which one should be used for a permanent use.

Conversion Optimization & UX research is one of the most objective way to upgrade your already existing business website or your online store.

Our allies, the most valuable tools online give us incredible capabilites.

Perform a campaign on certain city while setting a time limitation for your online offer. This is a great way to promote for a few hours a no shipping cost campaign, for a specific territory of your country, or even the entire country.

Digiastar also collects data of your visitors and when indicators show us that a specific page of your website has a positive effect on a specific group of your visitors, then we automatically set a personalisation motive. Letting this specific group to visit directly the best page for them that also increases your sales.

In case you are interested to learn more regarding Digiastar capabilities of Conversion Optimization and UX research you may contact us anytime via out contact form