The Digital Map

Create a Benchmark for your company through Digiastar’s Digital Map. Each organisation has made small or bigger steps towards digital development and marketing excellence.

Identify your company’s current position among the following 4 stages:

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Stage One

Your company has no marketing excellence at the time being. No employee is currently dedicated on Digital Marketing procedures nor you operate any digital communication channels (Social Media, Email Marketing etc). However, as a company you are willing to renew your online presence and introduce your brand to a broader group of people.
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Stage Two

Your company is trying to implement marketing tactics, but these tactics mostly occur under no plan or strategy. Most of the times, there are a few random communication or promotion actions that begin to build a relationship with the audience but then a period of zero action follows.
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Stage Three

Your company has already a dedicated employee regarding the digital marketing of your company. The are a few communication channels but not the proper ones. At the moment, the internal marketing procedures are focused on how to set up a plan but they lack the know-how, the tools and the knowledge of an expert.
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Stage Four

Your company has an internal marketing team that consists of more than 2 people. Your company has already set a strategy and tries to implement proper marketing actions. However, when the level of the marketing know-how increases, there are abnormalities regarding the use of important platforms (e.g. Google Adwords) and deficiencies in the use of the proper budget spend.

So now that I know where my business stands, what are the next steps?